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Best Father’s Day present

14th Jun 2014

Every father’s day I find arts and crafts that are not only cute and fun but can be kept and use by dad until the next Father’s Day comes around. In previous years my choices of gifts consisted on fun frames decorated by the children displaying adorable family pictures, t-shirts with hand prints or foot prints on, t-shirts with pictures and funny notes on them. Cards, hats, electronics, and two years in a row….puppy dogs, yes a gifts that keeps on taking.

This years I decided on putting together a list of dad’s favorite things. I did not hesitate on counting every thing he enjoys so my list kept growing. Once done I realized I had a laundry list filled with favorite candies, pastries, soda drinks, beers, juices, gift cards, scratch off games, books, magazines, games, small gadgets, crossword puzzle book, newspapers, sport tickets, sport jersey, and a few groupons I found he might enjoy. If I buy every single item I can easily filled the trunk of my SUV along with emptying my wallet or going above my allow budget for this month. Before I threw my idea away I thought it would be neat to get a sample of all the things in my list and pack them nicely in a big basket, wrap it up with ceramic wrapper, a nice bow and voila! a Father’s Day present that will cover every desire, crave, and love.

You will need:

  1. a wide and deep basket with a handle. You can find it at any crafts store, dollar store, home decor store.
  2. ceramic wrap. The art store has 3 different sizes, get the biggest one.
  3. To set the bottom of the basket or create padding on the sides you can get tissue paper or color shredded paper, also at the art store.
  4. collect all the things for dad and place them neatly in the basket, put the bottles around the sides of the basket and small things in the middle.
  5. get a ribbon and tie the top of the wrapping that is covering the entire basket.
  6. Get or create a Father’s Day card and stick it to the outside of the basket.

I am sure dad is going to be surprised and ecstatic, make sure you watch his face carefully as he uncovers all the treasures hidden in the basket.


photo 5

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