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The water cycle

13th Jun 2014

This is a fun and educational activity for rainy days. We started by talking about rain, I asked where does the rain water comes from? And how does it get up the sky to begin with?. After a few minutes if discussion and speculation I found a short video for children on YouTube that quickly explains the water cycle. Now that we had the scientific facts and visual aid in place we started out craft.
You will need:
1. Paper plate
2. Markers
3. Construction paper
4. Scissor
5. Glue

Have the children color the paper place with the market, their choice was blue as the sky.
Now cut shapes that resembles the sun, clouds, and water drops. As you explain again how the water goes thru different phases give them the cut outs and have the children glue them in the order in which they transition during the cycle.


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